Christmas Greetings from Viv Nobbs (Guild Master)

Dear Friends,
As we approach the wonderful festival of Christmas, please accept my sincere thanks and congratulations for all the magnificent work that you are doing for ringing and your fellow ringers. There is much evidence of sterling efforts made and great results achieved right across our Guild, whether it’s in the tower or in a District or Guild capacity.

We’ve had numerous special occasions to ring for during 2015 – many joyous ones and some sad ones as well. All have given us a great chance to come together as a team of friends to offer up our time and skills for a greater good.

We will have challenges on our journey, of course – that is life and gives us the ideal opportunity to take a step back and reflect. Frustrations can build up, tempers flare and, if we’re not very careful, we can lose sight of the most important aspect of the whole situation.

Many of our greetings cards will wish “Peace and Joy at Christmas” – often it’s in our own hands…so please let’s deal with all ringing matters with compassion, meekness and patience, considering others’ points of view and trying very hard to “Take the sting out of the tail” of any potentially negative situation. I’ll go so far as to say that for those of us who declare Christian witness, the onus is on us to develop new perspectives, consider growing and changing more and to maybe see things differently sometimes? We are all “Works in progress”!

I’m pleased to pass on from Bishop Christopher of Portsmouth and his wife, Sally, their best wishes to us all for Peace at Christmas.

Hope to see you at District Annual Meetings soon. Meanwhile, have a great ringing Christmas and then take a well-earned rest – but not for too long!

Merry Christmas everyone and a very Happy New Year!  

Love to all,

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