Following the success of Firstpeal2015, What next? CCCBR PR Committee member Matthew Sorell currently consulting


Matthew Sorell is a member of the CCCBR Public Relations Committee, which was behind the FirstPeal2015 project this year. He posted on Bellringers* this morning asking for feedback on an idea for 2016.

*Bellringers is a 2500+ strong international Facebook group which welcomes new ringers. This item is reproduced with Matthew’s permission – the normal protocol for the group is “if you want to read the stuff, join the group!”

Matthew writes:

351. The first first-pealer today will take us to the best tally since 1993 (381).

Based on comments here and elsewhere, and discussions with some interested ringers, we could consider the following goals for 2016:
1. 400 first pealers (8/week), with a stretch goal of 500 (10/week). We have been hitting 10/week for nearly 3 months now.
2. 50 first peal conductors (1/week)

and there seems to be some support to monitor and recognise:
1. first quarters (and as conductor) – and notably early quarters (such as first 5)
2. first (and early) service ringing
3. early peals (such as first 5)

While there are some records for these, they are not necessarily reliable so we really don’t have longitudinal data to compare. This means there isn’t really much basis from which to set target figures. However, if we could find a mechanism to keep a fairly reliable tally, we have something to go on for 2017.

The recognition of ringing “angels” for peals, quarters and service ringing – that is ringers of any experience who support new ringers by being part of the band, has been proposed by MarquisRFS extending the idea of “peal angels” recognised by Andrew Craddock’s pealbase. What I like about this idea is that it raises awareness of what all of us can do to support ringers as they join the Sunday service band and ring early quarters and peals. What do people think of this idea?


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