Technical Background – the data design of and Dove

dovecoverimageDove Online is the international database of church bells, and every attempt is made by the Dove team, and the army of local contacts who send in updates, to ensure that its information is correct at all times.

It holds information which is permanent or semi-permenant* about YOUR tower, and should be seen as THE DEFINITIVE SOURCE of that information.  See an example of a tower page on Dove.

*Temporary changes last under 6 weeks. Anything affecting your tower for 6 weeks or more should be on Dove.

Some of the data from Dove is duplicated onto – specifically, postcode, latitude and longitude, number of bells, tenor weight, tuning, and Practice Night, for the convenience of users.

From early 2016 onwards, the wpbells team will run regular updates FROM Dove TO the Guild site to ensure that any changes in the real world make it safely onto the Guild site. Before that time, we have no way of knowing, if the 2 sites are out of line, which one should be regarded as correct. Hence the request for checking made in December 2016.

From now on, changes in Practice Night information which the wpbells team are aware of, will be forwarded to Dove so that the 2 systems both reflect reality to the best of our knowledge.

An increasing number of towers have complex practice night schedules and Dove is really designed for a simple summary. Since your tower now has a page, where you can share as much information as you wish, we suggest you keep a summary on Dove, for example “Mon, see website” if you sometimes cancel, “Wed(Thu) see website” if you hold most practices on a Wednesday but monthly on a Thursday, etc…

Bell Data is a specific area of expertise and the Dovemaster provides guidence notes if you are planning to change one of these.

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