Request for Testing – Please check your Dove Online page

Dear Tower Correspondents and Tower Captains,

Thank you for testing your tower page (and contact page if you have provided us with an email address) over the past week. A healthy proportion of people have run this test and very few errors have come to light so we have been able to continue with the planned schedule of going live.
A key milestone was passed last night – the majority of the Guild’s Dove [website] links now point to the new Guild website, However if your nominated [website] on Dove was one other than, it will NOT have been changed. This decision is a local band one, not a webmaster’s!
From the user’s point of view this change on Dove means that you can now use Dove’s very powerful internal search engine to pick out towers of your choice on the new Guild Website. Instructions are here.
From the public’s point of view, any ERRORS IN DATA BETWEEN THE SITES will now become rather obvious….. so here is this week’s testing request:
Please will you take 10 minutes to visit your tower’s page on Dove, and check the  information on it is correct. Then please click through to your nominated website ( or your nominated site) and check that the information matches up. Then check it also matches your page on   [Visit Dove now]
If you find a discrepancy or any errors at all **PLEASE** report back to us using this form – we can then pass the corrections on to the DoveMaster in bulk which is much easier for him! Sorry we can’t pass corrections on to other individual webmasters so you will need to tell them as well if your information is held on a third site.
Many thanks

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