Guild Education Days, each covering a specific subject, are designed to help students to enjoy their ringing, and to learn in a friendly, relaxed, but concentrated environment. They are a mixture of theory and practice, the latter being geared to each student’s needs.

Students are divided into small groups, led by Group Leaders who will know what students can do, and what they are aiming at; students won’t be pushed into attempting the impossible, but they will be encouraged to try things. Each group has a dedicated band of helpers so that, when students ring, they will be surrounded by helpful, friendly experts.

The Guild Education Committee runs four major Education Days each year, though extra ones can be thrown in if time allows. We try to offer some basic subjects, plus something a little more challenging for the more experienced. If anyone has ideas on what they would like to do, we are happy to listen.

Posters and application forms are sent through the District Secretaries to the Tower Secretaries, as well as appearing in news items on Guild website and other media.
Dates of education days are published on our Guild  website page

help help The number of students depends on the number of helpers

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