Please can we have your assistance with testing the new Guild website?

This message is being sent out to all Tower Correspondents, and District and Guild Officers, over the next few days. Many thanks to those who have already responded. RM

Dear Tower Correspondents, District and Guild Officers,

I am conscious that I am addressing many of the movers and shakers in the Guild, and that some of you may not be aware of the new Guild Website, but it is scheduled to go live this month and development is now completed apart from final testing, which is where you come in.

I am asking for fifteen minutes of your time, and I am humbly requesting that you help us as soon as possible, because we now have a week for both the testing and the fixing of the errors that are, inevitably, going to surface.

Replacing a complex and high quality website with something new, demands at the very least that the new team continues to deliver all the services which have been delivered up to now by David Forder and Rosemary Oakeshott. As far as we know, the new site is doing that, but at this time the new team (Graham Hounslow, Deb Baker, Andrew Glover and myself) need YOUR help to make sure that all the information on the website is as correct as possible before we encourage people outside the Guild, and our whole membership, to use it.

Please can you:

  1. If you no longer act as a contact person or officer within the Guild, please just reply to this email and say so, and we can take you off our list. Job done.
  2. Visit the new website –
  3. Find your tower or the relevant officer page – if you can’t find it, please let us know
  4. Check your own details and your tower’s details – have we got all the information right?
  5. Send yourself an email using the new system – check it arrives and please let us know if it either fails to arrive or gets caught in your spam filter.
  6. If you hit any broken links please tell us
  7. If everything is OK please reply and tell us, so we can keep track of which pages have been checked.
  8. Finally, accept our thanks for your time and effort!!!
Rosalind Martin
on behalf of the WP Guild Communications Committee

3 thoughts on “Please can we have your assistance with testing the new Guild website?”

  1. Hi Rosalind
    I have checked this for Jersey, St. John’s and it works fine. Much better than the previous system which resulted in emails going to my spam folder.

  2. Hi Rosalind,
    I’ve checked the Hinton Admiral page.

    On top right under “News from Hinton Bell Ringers” it says “An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Try again later.”

    When reading the page on my Android phone, the calendar is truncated to the right in portrait mode, but I can see full width in landscape mode. e.g. if I change to “Week” view whilst i portrait view, I have to rotate the phone to landscape view to see the “Agenda” tab. I assume this a design feature.

    Everything else appears to be OK and email links work.

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