FirstPeal2015 Target Exceeded with a Month Still To Go

Salisbury Guild have  contributed the 300th First Pealer in fine style – the 4 first pealers in the band at Wylye became numbers 300, 301, 302 and 303 in this year’s list of First Pealers on Pealbase . The CCCBR Public Relations Committee first dreamed up the initiativre as a way of marking the 300th Anniversary of the First Recorded Peal, and of encouraging people to take the plunge into Peal Ringing who might not otherwise have done so. The oldest First Pealer in this band was 74 – no excuses then? What will be the total be by the end of 2015?

Pictures and information from Ringing World Bellboard

Salisbury Diocesan Guild
Wylye, Wiltshire
St Mary the Virgin
Saturday, 28 November 2015 in 2hrs 59mins (9–3–16 in F♯)
5040 Doubles
Being 3600 Grandsire and 1440 Plain Bob
1 Joanne Barter
2 Andrew J Howes
3 Patricia A Hoy
4 Nick Claypoole
5 Robert J Purnell (C)
6 Daniel Barter
First Peal for 1,3,4,&6

For the 300th anniversary of the first true peal ever rung and as a 70th Birthday compliment to Roy Mills
A get well soon to Malcolm Penny who was to have rung in this peal
To celebrate thirty years of ringing at Wylye for Jo Barter
Congratulations also to Nick Claypoole on ringing his first peal at the age of 74. June Howes would like to be associated with this peal

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