Principal Role: To assist and deputise for the District Secretary in his/her principal role as required.

Secondary Roles: To co-ordinate social activities in accordance with annual programme

Principal Tasks:

  • Quarterly Meetings (in the absence of the District Secretary)
  • Produce Agenda
  • Contact Tower Contact of designated venue and confirm arrangements for the meeting, including:
  • Ringing prior to service,
  • Incumbent to take Service,
  • Tea venue, organist.
  • Send notice to The Ringing World to appear a week before the meeting.
  • Record minutes and agree them with the chairman
  • Produce diary of forthcoming events for the next three months
  • Send minutes and programme for publication in Changes.
  • Social events (skittles evening, barbecue, quiz night)
  • Co-ordinate volunteer sub-committees from towers on a rota basis (to be agreed in principle at ADM)
  • Ensure checklist for each event is available and maintained up-to-date as each event is organised.
  • Publicity for social events in conjunction with sub-committees.
  • Co-ordinate suggestions for additional/alternative events.
  • Assist with special events or other activities as required.

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