An outstanding Quarter Peal Recording

Simon Lipscombe

It’s a challenge to get a good recording of ringing. It’s also a challenge to conduct a beautifully struck Quarter Peal…but to do both at once??

This Quarter was in memory of Simon Lipscombe, and also the Conductor’s Great Aunt. All photos and the recording used by permission. QP Information from Bellboard 

 Recording by Jack Pease

Salisbury Diocesan Guild
On Saturday, 21 November 2015 in 0h 53m
Southampton, Hampshire
St Mary

Tenor: 21–2–8 in E♭
1440 Plain Bob Minor
Composed by Roger Bailey
1 Polly Osborne
2 Katie Child
3 Ross A Bradley
4 Daniel R C Scott
5 Daniel Graham
6 Jack R Pease (C)

Rung on the back six half muffled to commemorate the life of Lorna Frances Stark, great aunt of the conductor, who died on Friday 6th November in Southampton General Hospital, aged 85 and who lived in Southampton most of her life. Also rung half muffled in memory of Simon E Lipscombe-Smith, who died on 2nd November, aged 26, an active young ringer in this guild.

Lorna Stark on her 80th birthday. Photo by Jack Pease
Lorna Frances Stark, photo by Jack Pease.

One thought on “An outstanding Quarter Peal Recording”

  1. wonderful, thanks for your kind comments Rosalind. I put the camera in the middle chamber between the bells and the ringing room and it picked up the noise beautifully!

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