CS District Quarter Peal Club going from Strength to Strength

The Quarter Peal Club was set up to offer members of Christchurch and Southampton District opportunities to ring quarter peals that they might not normally get.

We have met twice now at Brockenhurst and rung two very satisfying Quarters. Both times, one of our young ringers got the opportunity to ring. Luke Brooke is to be congratulated for scoring his first Quarter Inside (Grandsire Doubles) this evening, at the first attempt. Luke is a member of the Christchurch Priory band.

The next time we meet it will be to attempt London Minor. This was at the request of Sarah, who has rung it on occasion but would like to consolidate her skills by trying it again. Polly too is very keen to score this. There may be a flurry of London Minor at various towers over the next few weeks to give them some extra practice! If you ring London Minor fairly regularly at your practice nights please say so in the box below to help their preparations!!!

We normally meet on a Friday at 6pm to fit around both the District’s busy practice night patterns, and our conductor’s commitments to quarters at the Clock House starting at 7pm. However we can also ring on Thursdays at 7.30 on occasion – this may enable more working people to participate.

Future plans pencilled in at present are:

  • Grandsire Triples
  • Stedman Triples
  • More doubles (Grandsire/Plain Bob/by request!)

facebook logo smallIf you are not currently on our email list/FB list, please contact Rosalind Martin and ask to be added in – the group is very much intended to be inclusive and provide opportunities at all levels.

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