Your Tower Page… how to choose a good photo.

Photos for the tower “featured image” at the top of your tower page should ideally be LANDSCAPE but portrait does work – it will just look a little small!

The website makes a reasonable job of cropping photos to use as feature images but the dimensions change when you copy links to Facebook or Twitter, so to be on the safe side, crucial information (words, people’s faces, the “gist” of the image) should be in the centre with a bit of spare space around the site.

The photo at the top is an example – it re-scales well as the window gets smaller (try it – WordPress will respond to a smaller screen by showing you the mobile phone version of the site, and a medium screen will be the Tablet version).

Large photos can be edited within the media library to height 300 pixels – this will stop them being cropped when they are used as Feature Images on large screens. This is important especially for portrait photos and for posters. This type of in-library editing will apply to all posts where the photo has previously been used. It can be reversed…

Contact the team to send in a new photo!

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