Alton and Petersfield District Treasurer reflects on the Quarterly Meeting Programme

Prior to the ADM in January some discussions were held as to the format of district meetings. A couple of people had sent comments to the District Secretary which were reported on at the Oct 2014 meeting and it was agreed to discuss the format of future meetings at the ADM in January 2015.

This is the minute of the subject discussed at the ADM…..

There was a general discussion bought forward by Val Williams about changes to the format of future meetings. Charlotte spoke about what had been discussed in previous meetings including her suggestion that one of the meetings be changed into a social event, to only have a meeting at the AGM, or having no church services at meetings due to the very poor attendance. Val read part of an email she had sent to Madeline in October which outlined her suggestions. She then proposed a vote on cancelling the summer meeting altogether and only having church services at the AGM. This was seconded by Roger Barber and carried on a vote.

The new format was implemented immediately so this year we had no summer meeting and no services As far as I know this has gone down ok and will be continued next year

Malcolm Donaldson

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