Turning your Tower’s new page into YOUR new page

Making your Tower Page more interesting

Most of the pages are the same, and I am expecting many bands to want a much more individual page. Have a look at Ryde or Christchurch Priory if you want some inspiration – good photos, logos, local information, nice video, some welcoming blurb…. your page may be the first port of call for someone who wants to learn to ring, or someone who wants to visit your practice night this week. To make your page your own, please leave a note in the box at the bottom of the page and we’ll get started working together.

The Photo at the top of your tower page has been taken from the current live website and for some towers, the dimensions of it don’t sit too well with the new page layout – landscape works better than portrait, although both are perfect if you are using a mobile phone to look at your page. We can either use a new photo that you provide, or make a small photo-montage if you can provide some pictures of your band, or a nice logo, etc etc. Just let us know.

If you find an error in the contact details, please leave a note at the bottom of the page. Because of the personal nature of the contact details, she has to make sure consent to use them has been formally obtained. Please be reassured we do not publish personal information without the individul’s informed consent.

The Website Team is here to help you to make your tower’s web page as informative, attractive and professional as possible – please don’t hesitate to ask for updates and please give us as many news items as you like. It’s what we’re here for!

Linking up with your own tower website, or your page on your church’s website

This is important – it helps the public to find out more about bellringing, and helps bellringers to find out more about the churches we serve. We are in turbulent waters together and good communications can only help us to plan strongly for the future.

There should be a hot link in both directions, and it may be possible for your news on this site to appear by magic on the other site, and vice versa – this helps keep both pages up to date with minimum effort, so well worth exploring! Let us know when you want us to create our half of the link, and we can help your webmaster make the other half.

Your Tower Page – the menus beside it

Your page should have your DISTRICT MENU displayed to the left, and your TOWER NEWS then the DISTRICT NEWS on the right. Because there are over 200 towers in the Guild. I would guess there are a couple of towers that are not displaying these correctly, and you may be the first person to notice – please leave a note at the bottom of the offending page if you spot this – your note will not be published, but the fault will be corrected.

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