Full set of District and Guild Calendars now up and running

All the known District and Guild events have now been set into google calendars – this means that they can be displayed easily on the website but also:

  • You can switch between a list “agenda” view and a month-to-page view.
  • You can click on an event to see more information (if there is any!)
  • You can download any calendar into your personal electronic system(phone/computer) so that you see ringing events automatically – and they are kept up to date for you. (instructions below)
  • You can copy a single event into your calendar if you prefer
  • If you wish, you can share the editorial control of your local calendar – no need to wait for a webmaster to make changes.

If you prefer to just check events on the website, there are various calendar pages:

What if I would like to download some calendars?

  • do you want to add these calendarsIt’s really useful to see what bellringing is on as you plan your own life – and if events change or are cancelled you will see the latest version…. so it’s very convenient.
  • INSTRUCTIONS You need to be logged onto your normal calendar system, then and click the “+” beside the google calendar icon above. When you see the box pictured right, click the calendars you want, or just accept them all. It’s not difficult to hide or delete any you don’t need, later on. If you get stuck contact me

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