Portsmouth District Reports – a very successful Raising and Lowering Course

Lizzie Hough writes:

Well done to all those involved in the Raising and Lowering course today at Catherington and Purbrook. It was excellent to see so many people make so much progress in such a short space of time! Thank you to everyone who helped out!

Larry comments:

One of the most productive days in my so far very short ringing career. I learned a lot today mostly to ring up and down properly without coming away with rope burns on my hands! Many thanks from me as well Lizzie for organizing it all and to all those that helped with the day

Lisa replied:

By the end of the day I was starting to lose my fear of the sally (my problem with ringing up started when I lost control of the rope while ringing up at Portsea in August and didn’t know what had happened) since then I have tried to avoid doing it but knew that couldn’t continue. So being pretty much forced (in Lizzie’s inimitable style) to ring up and down repeatedly today, with no major mishaps, has done a lot to help my confidence.

As 5 of us from Wickham did the course today we should be able to build on what we learned at our own practices.

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