Help for Webmasters.. To add a new PAGE to a ZONE

The Zone really “IS” its menu, which appears on the left of the screen, and its news feed which appears on the right. So both of those things need to be aware of the new page. A zone can be a District, or an area of interest such as All ABout Ringing.

Step 1 – add your page to the zone menu

  • Visit the menu section in the administrator’s area.
  • Select the menu you want to edit (it the one controlling this zone).
  • Look at the menu on the left which is suggesting pages you might want to add – click on the one you have chosen. It will join the bottom of the menu
  • Drag the new page up and drop it carefully into its correct place
  • Save the menu

Now if you visit (and refresh) any of the zone’s pages, the new page should be in the menu.

Step 2 – Hook that menu onto the new page

  • Put your computer into the strongest signal you can find
  • Load the widget section of the administrator’s area. This page takes a long time to load because we have an unusual number of widgets
  • make coffee. Honestly it may take 10 minutes to fully load.
  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t delete any widgets as they are not backed up and the only way of recovering them is to roll the WHOLE SITE back to an earlier state….. or I have to build them again from memory.
  • Section 1 (once the widget page has fully loaded) will show a series of menu names. Open your zone menu and then click “visibility”.
  • The pages are listed – find where you put in your new page, click “add” and then ask for PAGE and your new one.
  • SAVE the widegt (this is important as otherwise your changes may be lost)
  • go and test it – now when you load the new page the zone menu should be there.
  • Now open the Content Sidebar section of the widget menu (these are the ones down the right hand side of the screen). Locate the news feed(s) that you want to appear beside your new page. Open up each one, open up its visibility and add in the new page. SAVE and test.

Good Luck!






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