Thanks for the feedback – keep it going!

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 17.42.08Since the invitation for feedback went out the the members of the Guild, around 50 people have browsed the site, looking at around 10 pages each. General feelings were positive, except for the news headline section of the front page, and some problems finding content for mobile phone users

Once of the huge advantages of using WordPress as a development tool is the ease with which we can experiment with different layouts, different menu structures etc etc.

So, in response to the feedback received so far:

  • The front page has been swapped for a slide show, some information about the Guild, and the news feed shrunk down to a neat column on the right hand side.
  • The headlines are now a list on the right, rather than a block of photos
  • It is still possible to browse all the recent news – now on its own page 
  • There is now a tower directory page

And over the next few days the plan is to:

  • Audit pages built so far – is information easy to find? Guild/Districts/Towers/Events
  • Continue to bring over Guild information from the live website
  • Create the structure for Winchester District
  • Do a test run of weekly news for C&S District from the prototype site, to ensue the normal level of service can be given
  • Improve navigation for phone users

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