Today’s New Prototype – Basingstoke District is being built

If you see the occasional strange menu appear this is normal when the Comms team is building a new District and equivalent to not standing your bell first time! – what you should see if it all goes well today is:

  • A new District Calendar joining the Guild and C&S District (done!)
  • A calendar for the tower events (events for towers A-E have been created to show how it could work)
  • A home page for the District and its committee (done)
  • A page for each tower – this is just an empty page at the moment because it’s up to each band what they see – but there will be a photo of your tower, the one from the current live site.
  • A new District menu just for Basingstoke’s pages (done)
  • A news feed for the District as a whole (done)
  • A news feed for each of the towers (this is the bit that takes the time, but it means that any visitors to your tower page will automatically see your latest news

Right! Time to get building!

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