Practice Report – CS District Youth Practice

The good thing about having our Youth practices each holiday, is there’s a bit less pressure on our time. The downside is  a couple of the regular attenders were on holiday. However, the 8 young ringers present included 3 new faces and 4 towers were represented.

Once again, Ringing Master Sallie Ingram (Milford) juggled different skill levels from rounds, call changes to Grandsire Doubles, and the highlight was probably the “Fast Call Changes” with only one over-18 ringing….. fast really did mean fast, sometimes with 2 changes called for the same row!

For young learners who ring heavy bells at home, we started with a session on Ringing Up – for some this was their first successful attempt and they were delighted at how manageable they found the bells! Once on to Rounds, the newcomers quickly got the feel for the fast ringing, and the need to pull gently, and all had plant of turns and enjoyed the practice.

Thanks once more to our hosts at Brockenhurst – next year’s 6 practices are scheduled to take place there as it is ideal.

Photo by Jack, Christchurch

The feet were from Brockenhurst, Christchurch, Milford and Ringwood

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