Master’s Message October 2015

queens birthdayDear All,

I hope you’ve all had a good summer break and are now settled back into enjoying your regular ringing once again.

There are many special occasions that we celebrate with our ringing and we’ve just seen H.M. Queen Elizabeth become our country’s longest reigning monarch. A good deal of ringing took place and it was an excellent opportunity to engage with our church congregations and communities.

high-quality-firstpeal2015-001An event from which ringing might well benefit from publicity is the First Peal 2015 initiative. Quite a challenge – aiming for 300 first pealers in a year – but well worth the effort. It’s good to have a target – it helps us focus on achievement. Not only that but, just as in striking contest mode, we can get a great deal of positive teamwork and fun out of the journey towards attaining a particular goal and a great sense of satisfaction when we get there.

The W & P has been helping to reach this particular goal – within our Guild area to date, we have had 14 (including one compounding member)   “2015 First Pealers”. There was also a peal by the Southampton University Guild with five first pealers  and a handbell peal for the “Page 3 Society” on Alderney with one first pealer. I’m keen to encourage more. Please get in touch with me, if you feel we could assist in any way.

guild action plan logoAt the A.G.M. in July, the Action Plan was accepted; thank you. This plan (a summary and full plan are displayed on the Guild website) is very much a work in progress document. We have pledged Guild funds in a genuine attempt to help support Districts and their officers when resources are generally stretched.  Please consider taking a look at a few sections that might well benefit you or members in your tower or District. One example is funding for one district initiative each year up to £500 to improve the accessibility of, or the provision of some sort of training scheme. More details on how to apply will be given at the Executive Committee meeting on 21st November.

We are pleased to advise that we have had a few more volunteers to serve as committee members since the A.G.M. – ideal as there is plenty for us all to do. So, welcome additions to the committees have been: on Belfry Stewardship -Mark Warner,  Lexi Skeldon and Kieran Downer and on Communications –
Rosalind Martin.

The Belfry Stewardship Committee has held its first meeting – a good deal was achieved and there is much enthusiasm evident there.

The new Communications Committee is busy building the new website and in the process of helping to plan for the development of an electronic database.

The Education Committee members continue to work hard in providing their splendid courses. The committee meetings are now using modern technology enabling Duncan in Guernsey to attend without travelling out of his front room!

We were sorry that the Inter-District 10-bell Striking Contest had to be cancelled. The new committee and the Principal Officers will be working hard to ensure that participation in future contests is encouraged and that plans are made well in advance to ensure that members have plenty of opportunity to reserve the date(s) and to get their practices well underway.

The Ringing World National Youth Contest power point presentation by Linda Garton in Bishopstoke was excellent. We are very grateful to Linda and her husband, John Loveless, for giving up their whole day to support our efforts in this way. We are hoping to receive the presentation slides from Linda so that we might be able to pass on the great information to those that were unable to get to meet her on the day.

RW Calendar 2016 iconDon’t forget Christmas! You might well have seen by now the 2016 Ringing World Calendars featuring W & P towers – some great photos. They’ll make great presents – see if we can get them sold out!

Happy Ringing!

Viv Nobbs


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