Winchester QDM Minutes May 2015

Minutes of the Quarterly District Meeting held on Saturday 9th May 2015 in the Parish Church of SS Peter and Paul, King’s Somborne.

 1. Chairman’s welcome: The Chairman, John Palk, opened the meeting at 5.30 with a welcome to those present and with thanks to Sue Spurling and the King’s Somborne band and helpers for providing a splendid ringers’ tea, to the Vicar, the Revd Jonathan Watkins and the Wardens for the use of the bells, and to John and Joyce Croft for judging the Striking Competition.

2. Attendance: The following 30 members of the District signed the attendance register (representing seven towers with two members unattached): Janice Higgins, Christine and Peter Hill, Christine and Ian McCallion, Jenifer Smith, Tessa and Tony Smith (Hursley), Patrick Cooper, Gerald Lambert, Brian Orange, Julian Orchard, Jane Pridmore, Sue Spurling, Ron White (King’s Somborne), Jen Churchill, Gary Davies, Carol Higgins, Bradley Lewis, Bren and John Palk (Lockerley), Charlotte Meader (Romsey), Jenny Watson (Sparsholt), John Colliss, Caroline Fairley, Bruce Purvis, Isobel Wolf (Winchester Cathedral), Hugh Hill (Winchester College), John Croft, Joyce Croft, (unattached), and as our guest Charlotte Colliss (Swanmore). Edmund Wratten (unattached) was also

3. Striking Competition Results. John thanked the District for inviting him to judge the competition, saying that it was as enjoyable as ever. He congratulated all entrants: the sole entry for call changes and the three entrants for the method- ringing

Call change-ringing Competition.

A good start was followed by a steady rhythm. There were some quick handstrokes, when the bells got on top of each other, but it was a good effort, with a total of eight faults. The winning team was fielded by the host tower, King’s Somborne.

Method-ringing Competition.

Team A rang Grandsire Doubles: a nice piece of ringing at a good, steady pace. It was almost flawless, with only one whole fault. The key element was that they rang at a good speed: four minutes and five seconds, equating to a peal speed of 2h51’, which for the weight and go of the bells was just about right. Four faults were logged.

Team B rang Grandsire Doubles: theirs was a slower piece of ringing: four minutes and thirty seconds, equating to a peal speed of 3h09’, a bit slow for these bells. The ringing was steady, but there were some gaps, and they slowed down over the test piece, leading to more faults. Eight faults were logged.

Team C rang Reverse Canterbury Doubles: again, this team was slower than team A, with their 120 rung in four minutes and twenty-five seconds, corresponding to a peal speed of 3h05’. A number of gaps caused the ringing to sound a bit choppy and uneven, so that 12 faults were logged.

The results were:-

in third place, with 12 faults: Team C: Lockerley and East Tytherley; in second place, with 8 faults: Team B: Romsey; in first place, with 4 faults: Team A: Hursley.

4. Apologies for absence. Apologies for absence were received from Judy Bishop, Andrew Glover, Mike Hopkins Till, Elizabeth Johnson, Christine Knights-Whittome, Rosemary Oakeshott, Alan Price, Rodney Skinner and all of the Winchester College

 5. Minutes of the Previous Meeting. The minutes of the Annual District Meeting held on 14 February in the John Pearson Hall adjacent the Parish Church of St John the Baptist, New Alresford, were accepted as a true record, following corrections to names of those present and apologising for absence: proposed by John Palk, seconded by Sue *

6. Matters Arising. Under the heading ‘Guild Master’, Tony Smith advised the meeting that Viv Nobbs had got down safely from abseiling the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth on 2 May.

7. Confirmation of belfry elections.

Probationary members:

Andrew Morris of Romsey on 5 March 2015 proposed by Caroline Daniels, seconded by Martin Daniels.

Steve Bohill-Smith, Katie Hinds, Paul McTaggart, Annabel Peters, Steve Peters and Craig Robb of Cheriton on 7 May 2015 proposed by Caroline Fairley, seconded by Bruce Purvis.

8. Election of new ringing members.

Alison Fydler of Candover Valley proposed by Carol Herring, seconded by Emma Stevens.

Linda Russell and Andy Tan of Easton proposed by Judy Bishop, seconded by Edmund Wratten.

Isobel Wolf of Winchester Cathedral proposed by Caroline Fairley, seconded by Bruce Purvis.

All confirmed on a show of hands.

Certificates and badges were taken for the 19 full members at Broughton, Crawley, King’s Somborne, Lockerley, Old and New Alresford, Romsey, Sherfield English, West Tytherley, Winchester Cathedral and College, newly elected at the Annual District Meeting on 14 February.

9. Future Events. 

Christine Hill reminded the meeting that this year’s Annual General Meeting was being arranged and hosted by the Portsmouth District, with both lunch and tea being offered, and good ringing opportunities at towers in the north of the district. The business meeting would take place in Curdridge and would address such key issues as improving our ringing, promoting ringing and changes to the Guild’s spending priorities to take account of education and training needs. She urged all present to attend.

Edmund Wratten reminded the meeting that in addition to the recent ringing red- letter days of ‘Ringing for England’ and VE-Day, both of which had been rung for in the district, other up-coming dates were the 175th anniversary of the issue of the Penny Black on 6 May, and 9 September, when the Queen becomes the longest- reigning monarch in our history, requesting that tower secretaries and captains be reminded of the latter date, in particular.

10. Any Other Business 

Hugh Hill suggested that a record be maintained of which towers rang for the anniversaries of VE-Day, the Battle of Waterloo and other special dates including anniversaries falling in 2015. It was noted that VE-Day had been marked by ringing at King’s Somborne and Lockerley and by a quarter of Plain Bob Royal at Winchester Cathedral, and that a quarter at the Cathedral was planned on 14 June to mark the 800th anniversary the next day of the sealing of Magna Carta.

The Chairman, in his capacity of Honorary Report Editor, advised the meeting that reports had not yet been printed, as local printers had had more pressing demands on their capacity owing to the General Election: copies of the 2014 handbook were still available. The Treasurer stated that the 2015 District Directory was still in preparation; also that £23.50 had been raised for the Bell Restoration Fund.

The meeting closed at 6.00 p.m.

*Kathryn Macgregor and Joy Scanlan had signed the attendance list but had to leave before the business meeting started.

Under Election of New Members Wendy Trice’s name was misrecorded as Rice, and the total elected as 19, not 20.

Appendix: Striking Competition teams

Call change-ringing team: King’s Somborne – 7 faults
1. Sue Spurling (c)                4. Julian Orchard
2. Gerald Lambert                5. Jane Pridmore
3. Patrick Cooper                  6. Ron White

First Place: Hursley, ringing Grandsire Doubles – 4 faults
1. Maureen Hanney              4. Christine Hill
2. Jenifer Smith                     5. Peter Hill (c)
3. Tony Smith                         6. Janice Higgins

Second Place: Romsey Abbey, ringing Grandsire Doubles – 8 faults
1. Jennifer Herriott               4. Caroline Daniels
2. Nigel Herriott (c)              5. Martin Daniels
3. Charlotte Meader             6. John Williams

Third Place: Lockerley and East Tytherley, ringing Reverse Canterbury – 12 faults
1. Alex Cairns                         4. Bradley Lewis
2. Jen Churchill                     5. Gary Davies (c)
3. Carol Higgins                    6. Bruce Purvis

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