Learn to Ring at Brockenhurst

The Brockenhurst band are planning to recruit and train a new batch of ringers over the next few months, watch this space for further news! The light eight is ideal for training younger recruits and Julie and Jimmy have plenty of teaching experience between them…..

If you are planning some recruitment also…..

There are ready made posters and leaflets available from the Central Council which can be used in this kind of recruitment drive – they can be downloaded and printed if you wish, and they can also be ordered pre-printed from the CCCBR website using the links above.

Don’t leave the Internet out of your plans – especially if you are keen to reach people under 40. The web team can help you with this by:

  • giving you a dedicated page on the website which you can direct people to for more information, from your posters
  • Making your plans readily visible to Google
  • Letting other ringers in the District know your plans (you might need some help teaching all those recruits after all!)
  • Tweeting your training plans (I met someone last week who starter ringing as a results of seeing a tweet!)
  • Getting your plans onto your village website, and church website for you!
  • Helping with press releases for village newsletters, local papers etc.

Enhance/kick start your teaching skills

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 14.08.51The Association of Ringing Teachers run regular “Module 1” courses for learning to teach bell handling. It’s a challenging skill to teach and the courses take you right from the first steps of handstroke and backstroke and allow you to learn to teach in a safe and structured way. Experienced teachers would normally attend the course as Mentors, and will bring with them a wealth of knowledge and ideas.

Joining the scheme will give you and your learners access to a wealth of training material online and paper, DVD etc. Easier than re-inventing the wheel!

Contact Andy Ingram who is coordinating this for the Winchester and Portsmouth Guild, if you want to put yourself forward for the scheme, either as a Mentor or as a trainee teacher.

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