New release of Abelsim bellringing software for Windows

Chris Hughes, the developer of Abelsim, writes:

New Look Abelsim
New Look Abelsim

I have just released Abel 3.9.  For those who have already bought Abel, the update is available as a free download from  You must install the previous update (3.8.0a) before you can install 3.9.

The main improvement is a lot of extra feedback on your striking, both as you ring with the simulator and in the striking summary when you have finished ringing.  You can also save data on your striking in a file that can be read by the CAS striking analysis software used in the National 12-bell Striking Competition.

There are also some new facilities designed for those using Abel for teaching (or learning), for example Abel can now count your places for you (on up to 8 bells), and it includes a “learning exercises” method collection containing various exercises used on the Learning the Ropes scheme.

This does not include Mobel or Mabel, the Mac and iPad versions of Abel.

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