Minutes of ADM held 10.1.2015 at Hurstbourne Priors Village Hall Andover District



Founded 26 June 1879 as the Winchester Diocesan Guild




Andover District ADM 

Saturday 10th January 2015

Minutes of ADM held 10.1.2015 at Hurstbourne Priors Village Hall

Item 1. Welcome and Vote of Thanks

The Vice-Chair, Eve Lind-Smith, (acting as Chair) welcomed the Guild Vice Master, Christine Hill and her husband Peter.

She thanked the following people:

Rev. Craig Marshall for the use of St. Andrew’s Church and the Bells

Rev. Dodie Marsden, for taking the service

David Blake for playing the organ

Marilyn Smith for providing tea

The Chair requested those present to stand in memory of Scarlett Holbrook, ringer at Amport and ex-treasurer for the District who died in December and Brenda Monaghan, correspondent for Leckford.

Chris Caryer suggested a card or letter of condolence be sent from the District to Matthew Holbrook, Scarlett’s husband.  All were in agreement.

Action Point: Secretary to action.

Item 2. Apologies for Absence

Barbara Townsend Andover, Matthew Holbrook Amport, Sharon & Mike Morris, Sarah Bates, Tim Pink, Vanessa Martin, Ian & Geoff Downing, Bridgit Farren Kingsclere, Alex Pugh Abbotts Ann, Rosemary Lailey Burghclere, Joanne Waller St. Mary Bourne, John Young Longparish.

Item 3. Minutes of the previous ADM

The minutes of the previous ADM held on Sat. 11th January 2014 had been distributed by the secretary.

The minutes were accepted, by the meeting, as providing an accurate record. Proposed by Simon Lipscombe, seconded by Ros Brandwood and carried unanimously.

Item 4.Matters arising from the minutes

Item 4.  There being no incumbent the DAC was not prepared to continue discussions regarding the proposed gallery at St. Mary Bourne.  However, now a new incumbent is in place a meeting is to be held in the very near future.


Item 5. Reports

Chair’s Report for the year 2014

No report was available.

Secretary’s Report for the year 2014

The Secretary, Maggie Hiller, read out the report for 2014 (attached)

Following the Report, Chris Caryer stressed the disappointingly low attendance at some District practices.  The Ringing Master, Peter Niblett, asked that if anyone had any ideas which might increase attendance they would be welcomed.

The hospitality at SMB, in December was very much appreciated.

Treasurer’s Report for the year 2014

The Treasurer, Ros Brandwood, distributed the annual accounts and reported briefly on them.  The accounts were adopted by the meeting, the adoption being proposed by Gill Gardner and seconded by Helen Piper.

2015 subscriptions are now due. The Treasurer thanked those towers who had already paid. 

Carol Waller was thanked for independently examining the accounts.

Chris Caryer asked about the percentage of subscriptions paid on line.  The exact number was not known but the Treasurer confirmed that although it was small, it was increasing.

Ringing Master’s Report for the year 2014

The Ringing Master, Peter Niblett, delivered a verbal report.

The highlights of 2014 had been, firstly a peal rung at Burghclere by a local band and conducted by Simon Lipscombe.  The band consisting of no fewer than three first-pealers!

Next, the District outing to Somerset, which involved heavier bells than most of our ringers are used to.  The now inevitable mini-ring was fun, with several laudable performances.  The lunch, excellent.

St. Mary Bourne’s second place in the 6/8 bell striking competition was to be congratulated.  SMB was the only tower in the District to enter a striking competition in 2014 so all were encouraged to consider having a go in the coming year – especially younger ringers.  All members were encouraged to attend 10-bell  practices.

A seminar entitled ‘Future of Ringing’, held in Winchester, in March, provided much food for thought.

Finally, towers were encouraged to continue to support each other and to work together.   

Guild Executive Report

The Secretary outlined minutes of last November 2014 Executive meeting (attached).

Following this Chris Caryer asked why there had been so little consultation over the Guild dinner.

The Guild Vice-Master, Christine Hill, explained that too few people had committed prior to the dinner to warrant paying the large, non-returnable deposit.

There have been other problems which have prevented social committee members from carrying out their duties.  The committee requires new members to come forward and organise events.

(At this point (6.25pm) Philip Chalk, Hurstbourne Priors tower secretary, joined the meeting, warmly welcomed by the Vice-Chair, Eve Lind-Smith.)

Item 6. Election of New Members

Kevin Rogers and Lin Rogers of Kintbury (Oxford Diocese) were voted in as Compounding members prior to a peal rung at Burghclere on 2nd August 2014.

Proposed: John Simpson, Seconded: Helen Piper.

7. Venues and Events 2015

District Practice venues for April, July and October were identified.

Simon Lipscombe, Vice-Ringing Master, again kindly volunteered to organise a District outing.  An email will be sent out to gather people’s preferences.  Feedback will be much appreciated.

Striking competition and Education event dates were identified. 

An updated calendar of events for the Andover District is attached.  Dates and venues have been included where known.  Those missing will be sent out by email when confirmed

or consult the Guild website for further details http://wpbells.org

8. District transfer request from Houghton tower.

In September, an email was received from Bob Gosse, a ringer at Broughton tower.

It outlined plans to install a new ring or of 6 at nearby Houghton.  Members of the parish are keen to get the bells ringing in the village and a band is being trained for that purpose at Broughton.  A quote for the work has been accepted and a Faculty obtained.

Assuming all goes well, Houghton would wish to change Districts from Andover to Winchester as the other towers in their Benefice, Broughton and Mottisfont, are Winchester District towers.

Would the members present please indicate whether they are in favour.

Proposed by Simon Lipscombe, seconded by Brian Oakes and carried by a  majority.

Ken Waller pointed out that the Andover District had already lost Broughton and Barton Stacey and wondered if Chilbolton might also follow suite.  Benefice and Deanery changes have complicated the situation.

The Secretary asked members, through the Chair, whether this might be brought to the attention of the Guild Executive at their next meeting.  The majority were in agreement.

Action Point: District Secretary to contact Mo Routh, Hon. Secretary of the Guild.

9. Guild Officer’s Report

Christine Hill, Vice Master of the Guild, addressed the meeting.

Viv Nobbs Guild Master sent her apologies and best wishes.

Young Ringers

The Guild currently has no further information on the initiative mentioned in the District Secretary’s report regarding events aimed at involving young ringers; to be organised by Dan Graham at Southampton University.

A question was asked – what is the definition of a ‘young ringer’?

Christine replied that this was under consideration and that there may be various groups, considering the differences between 10 year olds and young university students.

2015 Guild AGM

To be held in Portsmouth.  The Exec. Is considering a change in format to make the day more cohesive.  This might include an organised lunch between the striking competition and the meeting itself.

The Ringing World 2016 Calendar

The W&P Guild is featured in this edition.  Wherwell tower, of the Andover District is featured.  Something to think about nearer Christmas.

2016 Meeting of Central Church Council of Bell Ringers

The Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild is to host the Annual Meeting of the Central Church Council of Bell Ringers in 2016 (Spring Bank Holiday) in Portsmouth   Lots of help will be required so if you would like to volunteer look out for information on the website. http://wpbells.org

Guild Database

The Guild has no central record of members at present.  All records are held by District Treasurers.

At the ‘Future of Ringing’ conference, held earlier this year in Winchester a speaker from Sussex reported on their experiences when setting up their database.  There are people available and willing to advise the W&P working party which is currently researching what might be put in place.  The working party is to report back at the next Guild Executive meeting in March.

10. AOB

a) Officer elections

Due to an oversight, nomination papers were not sent out to members in time.  A decision needs to be made as to what action to take.  Two options have been put forward:

Elections be held over until the 2016 AGM when it will also be considered whether the District might move to annual elections, rather than 3-yearly as they are now, to bring it into line with other Districts.

An extraordinary meeting be called, to be held at the District practice in April to elect officers for a 3-year term.

Mike Hopkins Till pointed out that if the 3-yearly option (option 1.) was chosen it would need to be for a 2-year period (2016/17) initially and 3-yearly thereafter.

The chairman then suggested that at the next ADM on 9 January 2016 a vote would be taken on the following

     a)  To change to an annual election of offices

     b)  To continue with a three yearly election of officers

     c)  If the decision is to continue with the three year cycle then those elected in

          2016 stand for 2 years and the next election of officers to take place in

          2018 thereafter elections would return to the three year cycle

Option 1 was proposed by Helen Thomas, seconded by Gill Gardner.

Carried by a majority.

b) Scarlett Holbrook’s memorial service is to be held at Amport on Saturday 17th January at 2pm.

Refreshments will be served at the Hawk Conservancy following the service

Donations to the Meningitis Society please.

Matthew requests that normal dress, rather than mourning, be observed.

c) For 2016 ADM, Gill Gardner proposed that as a change from the normal service, an Epiphany carol service be held, which would be open to members of the church congregation.

Carried by a majority.

d) Christine Knights-Whittome, Guild Education Officer reminded people that there were two events in the offing.

Fri. 27th February 7-9pm at Bishopstoke – St. Clement’s Minor.  Although billed as a seminar this would be a hands-on session with just a little theory.

Sat. 21st March 9.30-5pm at St. Mary Bourne – Plain Hunt on 5/Trebling to Doubles.

e) Quarter Peal Fortnight

Vice Ringing Master, Simon Lipscombe, reported to have been a little disappointed that only five QPs had been rung.  These were at Kingsclere, Burghclere, SMB, Bradfield College and 120 of call changes at Nether Wallop.

f)The Ecchinswell Project

The 6 bells required have now been obtained and are being held by Higby’s Bell Hangers. 

The request for a faculty is in progress.

£18,000 is required to get the work underway. Grant applications are being completed and sent out.

Anyone who would like to support the project by becoming a member of the Trust can contact the tower.

g) District Officers Forum – Gill Gardner asked if there had been any report back from this.

No one from the District was able to attend on the day as it coincided with the District ringing outing.  The 2015 meeting will be held on Saturday 3rd October.

Christine Hill said she would email the minutes through if no report could be found.

Action Point: Secretary to investigate.

h)Guild Social Events – reports of discussions regarding this will appear in the Guild newsletter.  Members should feel free to state their views to the Executive.

i)Ringing Anniversaries – Chris Caryer announced that this year sees the 300th  anniversary of the first recorded peal.

j)Following a question from the floor it was reported that Mike Winterbourne is recovering well.

Philip Chalk acknowledged that in the near future, he would be unable to continue as correspondent for Hurstbourne Priors.  He thanked Brian Oakes warmly, for his work at Hurstbourne Priors practices and with teaching their new ringers.

The acting Chair spoke for all members when she expressed her delight at seeing Philip at the meeting.

The next ADM

The next ADM will be on 9.1.2016 at Kingsclere, St. Mary

Meeting closed 7.10pm

The raffle was drawn.

Signed_____________________________ Date_________________

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