Learn to ring in Minstead (New Forest)


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Bishop Jonathan dedicates the new bell at Minstead
Bishop Jonathan dedicates the new bell at Minstead

The bellringers at Minstead are going from strength to strength – so much so that they had an extra bell installed last year! If you might want to join the team read on…

Back in 2008 the band joined together for a big recruitment drive and 8 new ringers were taught on Wednesday Mornings by Andy Pollock. Out of these 8, 5 are still ringing. Their ongoing development is taken very seriously with extra weekday morning practices (by invitation) to build confidence in what is now a group of Method ringers, and prepare them for quarter peals.

Polly Osborne MinsteadEarlier this year, Polly (the Ringing Master) attended the ITTS Module 1 (teaching bell handling) course.  Learning to ring is a process that needs time and patience from both the teacher and the learner.

Most members of the band are regular Sunday Ringers, providing the local community with a reminder that they are welcome to join the Vicar and congregation for morning service.

In addition the band practices regularly each Thursday. Most practice nights are held in Minstead but once a month they are held jointly at Lyndhurst to give the band the change to progess with their 8 bell ringing skills. And because ringers enjoy ringing with their nighbours….

Once you have found your feet as a ringer you will find a warm welcome at other towers and you can spend as much time ringing as you like…… all over the UK and even in Australia, New Zealand, America and South Africa! It is a highly social hobby!

Contact Polly if you want to visit the band and see if bellringing might be for you.


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