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Address: Copper Beeches, Landscape Lane, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 2NG
Tel: 01983 530920

About Viv Nobbs:

I ring at All Saints’, Ryde, Isle of Wight. I started ringing there when I was in my mid-teens in the ’60s. A lovely elderly gent., Alf Rees, was Tower Captain.

Alf was doing sterling work teaching just a few of us much younger ones; most of us were from the same school at Sandown. Alf was kind but relentless and unforgiving when it came to teaching bell handling. We weren’t permitted to progress to ringing handstroke ’til the backstroke was up to his required standard!

We did  “Stony ringing” (call changes) mainly, until some great and significant help arrived – “The Miller family” moved to the Isle of Wight from Kent. Brothers – Nigel and Paul – and their sister Clarissa had been taught by Alex Waddington in Egerton. Apparently, Alex was a ringer very much of the old school! (His son, Geoff, still lives on The Isle of Wight.)

Paul Miller became Ryde’s Tower Captain. He was elected the Isle of Wight’s District Ringing Master at aged 17 years. We progressed at Ryde, albeit slowly, to exploring basic method ringing and The Millers had introduced us to a new and strange idea of ringing by the treble!

With input from our local Island ringing elder statesmen and from fellow ringers from across the water (former Guild Masters, Roger Savory and Ken Croft to name just two), we were able to attempt quarters of Triples and Major in our tower and peals later on. The locals and visitors alike encouraged us a good deal and we really appreciated it.

My interest in ringing developed;  I enjoyed ringing when I was taught initially, then my love of ringing began to take hold and then it became a  way of life!

I love the great variety of ringing company – all ages, from all walks of life, with a wide range of ringing abilities, all with a love of ringing and together striving to improve the public performance element of ringing.

It was a great honour to be elected as Guild Master in Jersey in 2013. The post came with many responsibilities and great challenges that I relished. Currently, I am serving as Guild Public Relations Officer. This post gives me the opportunity to support the Guild with its aims still and to build on the good working relationships formed and developed with the Clergy, ringers and their communities, including the media.

I will continue to strive to serve all members and ringing to the best of my ability.