Minutes of ADM held 11.1.2014 at St. Michael and All Angels Highclere



Founded 26 June 1879 as the Winchester Diocesan Guild




Minutes of ADM held 11.1.2014 at St. Michael and All Angels Highclere

1.Welcome and Vote of Thanks

The Chair, Barbara Townsend welcomed the Guild Vice-Master, Christine Hill and her husband Peter.

The Chair thanked the following people:

Rev. Christine Dale for the use of the Church and the Bells

Rev. Carolyn Petts for taking the service

Lucy Hopkins Till for playing the organ

Lucy and Mike Hopkins Till and Chris Pack for providing tea

Members were asked to stand in memory of Ann Tripp ringer at Abbots Ann, who died suddenly in December.

2. Apologies for Absence

Louise Wodehouse of Clatford

Alex Pugh of Abbotts Ann

Viv Nobbs Guild Master (attending the Alton & Petersfeild District AGM)

Sarah Bates, Sharon & Mike Morris, Vanessa Martin, Tim Pink, Dave & Jessica Bennett, Ian & Geoff Downing, Bridgit Farren of Kingsclere.

Helen & Roger Thomas, Joanne Waller of St. Mary Bourne

Colin Hares, Rebecca Parfrey of Amport

3.Minutes of the previous 2013 ADM

The minutes of the previous ADM held on 12 January 2013 had been distributed by the secretary.

Following minor changes the minutes were accepted, by the meeting, as providing an accurate record. Proposed by Christine Knights-Whittome and seconded by Gill Gardner.

4.Matters arising from the minutes

Item 11. Work on the St. Mary Bourne gallery ring has not yet commenced and is still in the planning stage.


Chairmans Report 2013

The chair thanked Maggie Hiller for taking on the role of secretary following last years ADM.

Secretary’s report 2013

The acting Secretary Maggie Hiller read out the report for 2013 (attached)

Treasurer’s report 2013

The Treasurer, Ros Brandwood distributed the report and annual accounts. Thanks were given to Carol Waller for acting as independent examiner.

Income from membership £1,059 Total Expenditure £955.68 Total c/f £806.28

Membership increased slightly with the percentage of Senior members slightly down.

Adoption of the report and accounts was proposed by Simon Lipscombe, seconded by Christine Knights-Whittome and agreed unanimously

The Treasurer suggested that some of the District’s surplus balance might be allocated to ITTS training (this concurs with Rule 14 of the W&P Guild rules).

Proposed by Ros Brandwood seconded Barbara Townsend.

It was agreed that the District would support up to ten members annually by covering fees of this nature.

Junior ringers are already able to submit claims for training to the Treasurer.

2014 subscriptions are now due.  Individual receipts can be provided for insurance purposes if required.

Ringing Master’s report 2013

The Ringing Master, Peter Niblett reported that it had been a quiet year relative to 2012.  The highlight for him had been the ringing outing to Oxford.  There was a good attendance and a variety of ringing to suit all abilities.  The mini-ring followed by Grandsire Caters at the final tower concluded a great day of ringing.  Peter thanked Simon for organising the day and for helping out at District practices.

The north/south split referred to in last year’s minutes had improved in 2013.  All feedback is very welcome and opportunities for towers to ring different things had proved beneficial in 2013.

The lack of younger ringers is a concern.  Towers were asked to think about how they might encourage youngsters to take up ringing and maintain their interest.

Striking competitions, despite not being everyone’s choice can provide a useful focus.  Only St. Mary Bourne tower in the District has taken part this past year but others would benefit.   Opportunities that present themselves this year:

May 18th – Inter Tower 6&8-bell to be held in Alton

July 5th – The Guild Inter-District 8-bell to be held at Hurstbourne Priors

Support for ten-bell ringing is not strong in the District but there will be a 10-bell striking competition taking place in 2015.  Think about how the opportunity could be used.

Finally please support the 2014 Newbury Ringing Roadshow by advertising it in your tower.

Guild Executive Report

The Chair, Barbara Townsend presented a verbal report.

After consulting interested parties a formal Guild Dinner had received insufficient support.  The possibility of an alternative, less formal event is being looked into for 2015.

Ringing from around the Guild to thank David Strong for his work as Guild Master has been recorded and collected together into a bound volume with pictures of the churches accompanying details of the ringing.  Christine Hill, Vice Master described how she was able to present this to David shortly before his condition deteriorated.  Both David and his wife Ann were touched and very appreciative of the ringers’ efforts.

The Guild AGM to be held at Goodworth Clatford in July will have four towers open for ringing.  All ringers were encouraged to come along and take part.

6. Election of New Members

7. Election of District Secretary

Maggie Hiller has been acting District secretary since March 2013.

The Chair asked if she was willing to stand as District secretary; she said she was.

Maggie Hiller was proposed as District secretary by Barbara Townsend and seconded by Gill Gardner.

8. Election of Independent Examiner

Carol Waller very kindly agreed to continue as Independent Examiner.

Proposed by Barbara Townsend and seconded by Eve Lind-Smith

9. Venues and Events 2014

Monthly District Practices

Unfortunately the District has been unable to secure a date for a DP at Winchester Cathedral however a date for 2015 has been agreed (Wed. 5th August).

The possibility of a DP at Abbotts Ann will be requested for September.

Brian Oakes volunteered to request a DP at Longparish for August.

Annual District Outing

Simon Lipscombe has kindly volunteered to organise a District outing to Somerset in October 2014.

Simon also proposed a Quarter Peal Week for the District with the outbreak of WW1 perhaps creating a focus for the dedications.

Guild Education Days

22 February ‘Plain Hunt & Trebling’ based in Upper Clatford.

Reference was made to the earlier discussion on funding following the District treasurer’s report.

10. Guild Officer

Christine Hill, Vice Master attended DGM to represent the W&P Guild and addressed the meeting.

The providers were congratulated on a fine tea.

Apologies were passed on from Viv Nobbs, Guild Master who was currently attending the Alton & Petersfield DGM.

It was reported that the Guild were looking forward to holding their AGM in the Andover District in July 2014.

Christine described how she was able to present the bound copy of all the ringing that had taken place in the Districts to thank David Strong for all his work as Guild Master to David.  Both David and his wife Ann had been very touched that ringers had gone to the trouble of marking his contribution in this way.  David was able to look all through the book and note the towers that had contributed.

All Andover District ringers were very much encouraged to take part in the striking competitions during 2014 and to embrace the opportunity to visit the Ringing Roadshow in September.

A seminar on ‘Future of Ringing’ is to be held on 22 March in Winchester.  All are invited to hear about ongoing work in areas of ringing and to enter into open discussions.

Key topics will include local input on recruitment and training activities and aspirations outline of services currently available to support local work- ART / ITTS with explanation of processes

Ringing Foundation – activities and aims

CCCBR – précis of work of committees and availability of resources

Open discussion on local ringers’ expectations and the extent to which existing organisations, both local and central, are meeting the demand

How can everyone, as individuals or organisations, improve the future of ringing in their area?

Commitment to actions at local/central level

Commitment to programme of work and funding for future

Chris Caryer raised a question relating to the future running of Bell Ringers’ Guilds. 

Would the discussion focus on this generally or would it relate specifically to W&P? 

Christine replied that the speaker David Kirkcaldy from the Sussex District would probably focus on his own area. However, the fact that whether rules set down 100 years ago were still relevant or was a complete overhaul necessary could easily form part of a general discussion.


Christine Knights-Whittome took the opportunity to advertise the next Education Day ‘Plain Hunting and Trebling’ to be held on Sat.22nd Feb. at Upper Clatford.

Chris Caryer made a request for potential helpers on the day to get in touch with him.

Simon Lipscombe updated all on the progress of the Ecchinswell Bell Restoration Trust project.  A tenor bell is being donated by the Keltek Trust and possibly a second bell made available.  A meeting with the PCC is to be arranged to outline the work of the project and to request that a faculty be sought.

12.The next ADM

The next ADM will be on Saturday 10th January 2015 at Hurstbourne Priors

Meeting closed 6.25pm

Signed___________________________ Date_______________

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