Past Officers of the WP Guild

1879 Presidents were non-ringing ‘figureheads’ as the Bishops are now. Rev A Du B Hill
1882 Rev H A Spyers
1890 Rev G Buston
1891 Rev R C M Harvey
1895 Rev R C M Harvey Rev C E Matthews
1902 Rev C E Matthews Rev E W Carpenter
1906 Rev C W Scott
1908 Rev W E Colchester
1912 G Williams Rev W E Colchester
1919 G Williams Rev Sir J Herschel
1921 Rev N C Woods
1923 G Pullinger Rev N C Woods
1929 Rev E Jones
1930 F W Rogers
1938 H Barton
1939 W Linter
1949 G Pullinger
1953 R A Reed
1955 F W Rogers J A C King
1959 R R Savory Miss M Beamish
until her marriage in 1960 then
Mrs M Chapman
1962 Rev K W H Felstead
1965 D J Forder
1968 R R Savory T Francis until his death in early 1970 then D J Forder
1970 K S B Croft
1971 D C Jackson
1974 R H Green
1975 B J Fry
1977 K S B Croft J P Colliss
1980 Mrs G Davis D C Jackson
1986 Rev B J Fry M Bubb
1992 R Cater
2003 S Castle
2004 A G Craddock
2007 D Strong Mrs Pam Thomspon
2010 Miss Clare Griffiths
2013 Mrs Vivien Nobbs Mrs Maureen Routh

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