The New Guild Web Address Will Be

Do I need to do anything???

If you have news to share with the world (even if it’s just that you rang a great quarter peal yesterday) then we are open for business., so get in touch (using the reply box at the bottom of any page is a good way!) and let us know. Then, by the time the site goes live and is open to the public, it will be obvious that your tower is a good place to ring…

What is my tower’s new address?

You can find it by looking your tower up in the tower directory and clicking onto your tower page. Your address will be something like or

Can I change my tower’s page?

One of the webmasters can, yes. As long as you keep the basic information somewhere clearly on the page, then you can put anything else in you like. Including a new “banner” picture if you wish. You can have some extra pages if you need them, and you can have as many news pages as you like.

When Does It Go Live??

The site already carries up to date contact information and current news. For Andover and A&P Districts, who have not had District websites before, it’s a fresh opportunity to have a really fresh, flexible, informative online presence. Go live – you have nothing to dismantle!!!

But going completely live is a big change that will involve a gradual phasing out of wp-ringers,org and, and Winchester District’s pages, and a move of some archive information over. Other sites (the Portsmouth District Site, Channel Islands and Hursley Tower for example) are not currently planning to make any changes. A few sites ( springs to mind) are closely intertwined with an existing website so will meed to be re-intertwined with the new one.

Many sites (Dove, village and church websites for example) have links TO our old sites and some will need to be altered.


Rosalind, Graham and Debs

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