Notes for District Officers – What the jobs entail


The following suggestions may help new District Officers, and Members who are thinking of becoming District Officers.

All Officers

  1. Put simply, your job is to further the Objects and Aims of the Guild – essentially that is to encourage more and better ringing, good bell maintenance and safe practice.
  2. All Districts organise meetings, practices and events. You will be involved in the planning of these.
  3. Good communications within the District are always important. Simply talking to as many people as possible at District events helps enormously, and issuing a District newsletter or maintaining a District website is a real bonus.
  4. District members may come to you for help and advice on matters concerning the bells and ringing in their tower. So it helps if you know who to turn to both in the Guild and elsewhere. The Belfry Stewardship Committee can give assistance on hardware matters, and all the Guild Officers are always available for advice.

Ringing Master

As Ringing Master you organise the ringing at District meetings and practices. To do this as well as possible you will need to learn what you can about the skills and aspirations of District ringers and bands. You will also probably be the person to take the lead in organising District training events and in encouraging District members to participate in Guild education events. Organising quarter peals and/or peals for a District festival may also fall to you, as may finding a judge for the District striking competition.


As Treasurer you must collect subscriptions, issue receipts, keep accurate records, look after the money and draw up annual accounts. The Guild Treasurer will send you details every year of what is required and is available to give advice at any time. Once a year you will have to complete the membership lists for the Guild annual report.


As Secretary you implement the District programme and act as the focal point for communication. You receive letters, emails and telephone calls, and disseminate information to the appropriate people as quickly and effectively as possible. Issuing a regular newsletter may be helpful if no one else does this. You prepare the agendas and write minutes for District meetings. Once a year you will have to write the annual District report and update the District and tower details for the Guild annual report.


As Chairman you should chair District meetings in an efficient and friendly fashion. You should also co-ordinate the work of the other Officers and make sure nothing is left undone. In addition, you can also act as a figurehead and public relations person if no one else fills that role.

Executive Committee Representative

As EC Rep you should attend the two meetings that take place each year. These meetings deal with all sorts of matters relating to the running of the Guild and the awarding of bell restoration grants. You will bring your own views and the views of your District to the Committee, and afterwards you will report back to your District and fellow Officers.

David Strong
November 2011

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